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New Coach, New Team?

Alex Hall, Staff Writer

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The Westfield High School’s Boys Cross Country team has a new coach and a new attitude towards running.

This year, the cross country team lost Mr. Hatch because he went back to school to further his education. Without a coach to lead the team the school looked for another person to step up and take the reins, and that is exactly what Mr. Brendan Kane did.

“Mr. Kane is a great guy who knows his stuff, “ explained Kohl Lunardini, senior and cross country runner for the past three years. “He trains us a lot harder, but he enjoys his time here and really cares about us, I really love it.”

“… both of the coaches, Mr. Hatch and Mr. Kane, are just great people. They are both very similar, they got the same moral goals, I just wish that I could have them both.” Lunardini shared.

This season has a been an excellent one. Their record is positive with four wins and three loses. People have been getting personal records left and right, Kohl has a personal record, p.r., of 18 minutes, which is an average of 5.48 per mile, which is extremely fast. Nick Stathatos, a junior who also p.r.’d and improved his time by one and a half minutes, and he’s only in his second year of cross country.

For an important meet, Kane motivates the kids to their limits when they train to make sure that they will do their best. For this training he makes the kids do high mileage runs, which is at least 10 miles, if not more, to push their mental and physical emotions to their limits. Kane has been pushing the kids to run at least six to seven miles every practice to give them more endurance so when the end of the race comes, they can still have energy to will themselves to beat those in front of them, if anyone is.

“This has been a better season for personal records and better meet results, glad he joined as the coach, hope Mr. Hatch can join him next year,” said Lunardini.

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New Coach, New Team?