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Winter Track and Field Warming Up for New Season

Mya Keesee, Staff Writer

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Winter Track season is approaching at Westfield High School and everyone is getting ready for the season.

            Last year, three coaches helped the runners advance in their abilities. This year, two of those three coaches aren’t returning. Coach Steve, who was last year’s boys and girls sprinting coach, has a new “home” at Amherst College. The boys’ coach, Coach Hatch, who is a teacher at WHS as well, has decided to take night classes to further his own education, and won’t be able to coach this year.

            Coach Linda, who was the girls head coach for five years, is going to coach again for her sixth year. Coach Linda also coaches the field hockey team as well as spring track.

            This year, a new boys coach has been chosen. Coach Kane, who was this year’s cross country coach, is now going to be the boys’ winter track coach. Everyone is thrilled that he’s joining the team.

            Junior Emma Schoenfeld runs winter and spring track. Schoenfeld commented about what she hopes Coach Kane will bring to the entire track team. She said, “I hope he brings a positive vibe and will become part of the team. “

            Senior Eric Bone was a team captain last year for winter and spring track and this year he ran cross country in the fall. Bone commented on Coach Kane joining track as well saying, “I hope he’ll bring new techniques and improve the team as a whole.”

            With all the excitement of the new coach, everyone’s even more ecstatic for the start of the season. Schoenfeld said she’s looking forward to “the Friday night meets and getting the track family back together again.”

Bone said that he was most excited for “improving [his] individual times and being a track team member again.”

            Track is always looking to have new people join the team. Coach Linda added, “It’s a great way to stay in shape and condition especially if you have a spring sport. There’s not just running either, which is a common misconception. There’s jumping and throwing events as well.” Coach Linda encourages any girl or boy not doing a winter sport to join the team.

Bone has some advice for anyone that is unsure about track saying, “do it, don’t think, just do it. The people are great and it’s a fun experience even if you aren’t a great runner.”

            Last year the girls winter track team excelled with a 9-3 record win for the year. The boys’ record was 6-6 record, but still had tons of fun nonetheless.

The best part is that you can become part of the team this year. The season starts November 27 but you can get a jump start by going to captain’s practice which have already started for the girls and are starting Monday October 23 for the guys. Get a head start on the season and, as previous Coach Hatch would say, “[you] don’t have to, you get to.”


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Winter Track and Field Warming Up for New Season