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Aaron Rodgers breaks his collarbone in a 23-10 loss against Vikings

Luke Laurenzano, Staff Writer

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During the first quarter of the Packers vs. Vikings game on Sunday, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers broke his right collarbone.

Just after he threw the ball, Rodgers was tackled by Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr. Rodgers landed on his right shoulder, which happens to be the side he throws with. He was then escorted off the field by medical professionals, and replaced by second string quarterback Brett Hundley.

From that point on, the Vikings proceeded to dominate throughout the whole game on both the offensive and defensive sides. Rodgers’ injury may cause him to be out for the rest of the season, which is a huge negative for the Packers but could also prove to be a positive for the other teams in the NFC North. The Vikings, Lions, and Bears all have an advantage over the Packers now that they have lost a great player.

This injury could be an eye-opener for Rodgers, who is 33 years old; he might be getting too old for the physical toll that playing football takes. He started playing in the NFL, in 2005, at the age of 21, which means that he has experienced 12 years of rigorous physical activity in the sport.
Now that Rodgers is out, a new opportunity arises for Hundley, the Packers’ second string quarterback, to prove himself and show that the Packers aren’t in as much trouble as everyone thinks they are. Hundley played in the second, third, and fourth quarters of the game against the Vikings on Sunday and threw for 157 yards with one touchdown pass.

“The Vikings and the rest of our division need to take advantage of the time that Rodgers is out and play their absolute best,” said Mark Laurenzano, avid Minnesota Vikings fan. “He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league and hopefully now the Vikings can take over the division.”

Rodgers’ injury gives hope to other teams in the league that their upcoming games against the Packers will be slightly less challenging. Also, fans of rival teams to the Packers now have an easier feeling going into games against them.

“Without Aaron Rodgers leading the Packers’ offense, the team needs to step up their defense and Hundley needs to prove himself as a leader,” said Frankie Wotton, diehard Green Bay Packers fan. “Rodgers has gotten injured before and the team has pulled through, so there’s no reason why they can’t do it again.”

It may be too soon to know whether or not Rodgers will return at all this season, but if the Packers want to keep moving forward, they need to work together and play stronger than ever.


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Aaron Rodgers breaks his collarbone in a 23-10 loss against Vikings