The Bomber Blaze

The Bomber Blaze

New Technology At WHS

Marcus Kane, Staff Writer

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In Mid september an addition was added to the back of the library with 28, but soon to be 30 chromebooks and even a classroom for teachers to sign up for said the head librarian mrs. Berestka.

The funding for the “new classroom” came from the class of 2017 from hard work and well earned savings from their 2016-2017 year. With that, the city of westfield (title one) decided to donate the Chromebook cart which came with 28 chromebooks, plus a cart with two more to be added soon.

Mrs. Berestka said that the Chromebooks are very smooth, are easy to use, fast and have great battery life. She said the students seem to enjoy them more than the regular computers and agree that they are faster and better. She also said they are very popular and are almost filled every period. She personally enjoys them too.

In a couple years are we expected to be working on all online assignments? Not exactly but more and more teachers will be acquiring the skills you need to be taught on google classroom, a completely paperless classroom that some teachers like ms. keenan has trained on.
Are we planning to get more chromebooks in the future? As the funds allow we will acquire more says Mr. Drendrysk Westfield high school’s principal.

How much money would we save from all the paper we wouldn’t have to buy? About $11,500 which number could go up if we run out of paper at the end of the year, says Mrs. Berzak Mr. Drendrysik’s secratary.

Chromebooks are very nice but they are costly too, 30 chromebooks cost $6,500 plus you need a charging cart which is another $1,700 so if we get the funding and treat the computers how they should, maybe we will go paperless in a couple years.


If any teacher wants to try them out you can give her a call, email her or even walk in to look at the sign up sheet, and get your class in there before they are signed off for the rest of the year!


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New Technology At WHS