K’s Japanese Restaurant

Rachel Altman, Staff Writer

    K’s Japanese Restaurant is a hibachi bar and restaurant all in one. From the moment you walk in you can feel the authentic japanese style. They have a good sized dining room for guests that like to sit down and eat and another room that has multiple hibachi bars for when you’re there for a special occasion or just because you enjoy hibachi.

     The extensive menu choices from the dining room to the hibachi bar is multiple pages long. Along with their japanese food they also have a long list of different sushi they make. The food is always hot right out of the kitchen and everything is always fresh.

     The staff members there are very qualified to do their job, whether it’s a waitress, sushi chef, or hibachi chef. You can ask them any questions and they have the answer. They also have a takeout option, which is very convenient if you don’t want to go and dine-in. You just call ahead and place the order and it’s ready for you within 15-20 minutes. The food is always fresh just like if you were to go inside and eat.

      The parking lot isn’t the largest but has enough space for a good amount of cars. The parking lot also has specific handicap parking close to the door and spots in front for take-out.

       Jakob Boutet enjoys going to K’s Japanese Restaurant and said, “Their wait staff is amazing, along with the atmosphere. My favorite menu item is the “yummy yummy roll” which is my favorite sushi roll, and it’s always the best.”

       Overall K’s Japanese Restaurant is rated ⅘ stars. It is an enjoyable family atmosphere that never disappoints, from there food, sushi, employees, hibachi, and all around amazing experience.