Security at the Boston Marathon

Rachel Baillargeon, Staff Writer

Rachel Baillargeon ‘18

Staff Writer

                             New Security Taking Place at this Year’s Boston Marathon

It’s the 122nd race for the Boston Marathon, to be held on April 16, 2018. The Boston Athletic Association, State Police, FBI, Boston Police, and public safety will attend a meeting Tuesday, April 3, to discuss what security measures will be taken this year to ensure everyone’s safety.

In response to the 2013 bombing, killing three people, injuring more than 260 people, more security needs to take part every year. In the past, officials used drones, dogs, and aircrafts that were equipped with technology to find bombs.

The route of the race will go through eight cities and towns of Massachusetts: Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, Brookline, and of course Boston.

The race runs through 26 miles 385 yards, following Route 135, Route 16, Route 30 and city streets into the center of Boston where the official finish line is located at Copley Square, alongside the Boston Public Library.

This long course will leave it complicated for police to protect all areas of the race.

Out of 28,260 applicants for this years race, only 23,198 were accepted to run. Last year, 30,074 people raced in the 2017 Boston Marathon.    Ron Gibbons, Sergeant of Westfield Police as well as an every year runner in the Boston Marathon talked about why he feels safe running the race, even after what had happened in the past. “ Yes I do feel safe running the marathon. There are state police everywhere during the whole race in uniforms, undercover police, and also the FBI.”