At the Heart of the Glove

Jack Blake, Staff Writer

Heart of the Hide Rawlings Catcher’s glove. That is in my opinion the best catcher’s glove you can buy. I have a 33’ inch glove. That means it is 33 inches long. It is made with steerhide leather, a tough leather material that needs to be broken in to perfection. When you first get it it is very tough. You need to break it in so it can move better and you can squeeze it. In the beginning, it is very hard to use. It takes about 3 months to completely break it in.

The market of this glove is anyone who plays baseball and is a catcher.Most of the time, it is a very experienced and older group of baseball players. The pros of this glove are that it is tough, big, well made, good looking and easy to use. The cons of this glove however are that it is heavy and it takes a while to break in. Breaking in means using the glove enough that it makes it easier to catch the ball and make you feel comfortable with it. This glove is the new generation of catcher’s gloves. It is well built and more padding compared to the old gloves that are just a piece of leather. It is called Heart of the Hide 33 in Catchers Mitt. It is a 33’ inch glove. The model number is #PROCM33BSL and the cost for just the glove is 250.99 and that is without colors and any customization.