Jetta is Up for the Challenge

Cris Daley, Staff Writer

The Volkswagen name has been under fire in recent years due to the whole “Dieselgate” debacle in 2015. However despite nursing its wounds over this the brand’s quality and reputation have rebounded and their vehicles are as good as ever. The humble Jetta (in production since 1979) has been the main weapon of choice on the north american front for some time now and over 14 million being sold worldwide as of 2014 making it the brand’s best selling model.

The Jetta is an unassuming mule that appeals to masses with its reliability, sporty looks, and good gas  mileage up to 28 mpg in the city and 40 on the highway and some the turboed and diesel could get upwards of 50 mpg and higher. The jetta is coupled to any number of VW powertrains including the following engines

  • 1.2 L I4 (turbocharged petrol)
  • 1.4 L I4 (turbocharged petrol)
  • 1.4 L I4 (turbocharged hybrid petrol / electric)
  • 1.6 L I4 (petrol)
  • 1.6 L I4 TDI (turbocharged diesel)
  • 1.8 L I4 (turbocharged petrol)
  • 2.0 L I4 (petrol)
  • 2.0 L I4 (turbocharged petrol)
  • 2.0 L I4 TDI (turbocharged diesel)
  • 2.5 L I5 (petrol)


            I personally owned and operated the naturally aspirated inline five 2.5 liter engine and it is the largest engine they offer in the Jetta and produced between 150 and 190 HP. It was incredibly fun to drive and always does what you asked of it whether it was commuting to work or school, road tripping on the highway, or cruising on the backroads for fun it always kept up. My personal favorite was the latter, it’s tight steering and stability made it a blast to drive down a winding country back road. The chassis held up swimmingly under all the stresses I subjected it to, whether it was from cornering at high speeds or bouncing down a rocky backroad. The suspension also was a masterful win, absorbing all the abuse in the world, whether it was me rallying it down a dirt road or hitting a pothole or speed bump at mach speed, it was stiff enough to be sporty yet soft enough to provide comfort.

          The interior was a little plainly styled yet it had a simple beauty that didn’t beg to be complimented. The display gauges were perfectly styled and the center console interface was easy and simple to use. The seats were very comfortable and the driver and passenger seats were mildly bolstered for the more sporty driving moments. The back seats had plenty of legroom and comfortably seated three. The trunk had plenty of space and I never felt the yearning for an SUV and all of its hallowed cargo space (most of which goes unused). The sound system was crisp and didn’t complain being cranked up to full volume.

          Overall the jetta was great little car that always was up for the challenge and never failed to impress me, and I would highly recommend it to anyone that was looking for and practical yet fun car to own and drive.