The Jeep Cherokee XJ review

Vladislav Ivenanko, Staff Writer

Vladislav Ivanenko


The Jeep XJ is a four-door sports utility vehicle. It came with an optional four-wheel drive system. The powerhouse is an inline 4.0 six cylinder, It also came with a less popular option of a 2.5-liter cylinder. The transmission is a three-speed automatic with an option of a five-speed manual.

The company that manufactures Jeep is Chrysler, who doesn’t have the best reputation in my opinion. It’s made cheaply and basic but on the bright side very easy to fix and very cheap. There also aren’t a lot of things that could break.

The engine is an inline six-cylinder, 4.0l, making 193 horsepower and 231 foot pounds torque.  The engine makes it fast for a big heavy car. And makes it go through terrain like no other like no other.

“My friend would always randomly floor it, it would take off. I didn’t expect that.” Cris Daley

The interior is cloth with the option of leather. The cloth seats are durable but do rip with age. They also don’t show stains as much as you would think they would. The heater is one of the best but the air conditioning could be improved.

“The back seats were surprisingly comfortable, but could have been improved with a headrest,” said Cris Daley, after riding with his friends Cherokee

The Xj Cherokee came with solid axles making it supreme for rock crawling but very bumpy on the road. Also, the famous DEATH WOBBLE would occur at high speeds. If you don’t know what death wobble is it is when you steering wheel shakes and you can’t control the car. But this could be fixed with some aftermarket parts like steering stabilizers. The car drives alright on the road overall. The front brakes have a problem locking up after hard braking. The tires are cheap because it’s a very popular and mass-produced size. You could also find used ones easily.

The body has no frame. It is constructed using the unibody sequined. But it is very prone to rust and the rust is hard to repair. Once the unibody is gone the car will collapse. It is extremely difficult to restore. But the body is strong. Made from steel you really need a fast hit to make damage to the people inside.