Pintus: The Best Meal of You Life

Jakob Boutet, Staff Writer

If you love Indian food, Pintus is a classy, fine dining, Indian cuisine restaurant.  Located at 25 Park Ave., in West Springfield, this four star restaurant is hard to missing getting right off the highway.  Especially once you’ve tasted it, you’ll never forget where to get the best meal of your life.

Stepping into Pintus my mourth spontaneously watered.  The aroma of fresh butterend nann and warm chicken curry made me instantly hungry.  The location of this restaurant isn’t great;  it’s right off the highway, not very close to any other restaurant and directly next to a little movel.  But, I love what the owner (Pintu) has doen with the interior.  He has cultural Indian music playing, dim lights and hundreds of bottles of wine and beer across the wall.  I had spoken to Pintu one time prior to this visit and he instantly remembered me.  He is a very friendly man with no hesitation to get you what you need.

After we were seated, the waitress was decently friendly but with somewhat of a fake samile.  Throughout my meal she constatnly kept interrupting a conversation to ask if I needed more water.  This was the first time I had seen her there so she was probably new.

The lunch buffet runs Monday-Saturday, 11:30-3:00.  The buffet contains:  rice, Chicken Marsala, Tandoori Chicken, Vegetable Curry, buttered Nann, salad and Fried Vegetable Corma.  I tried the Chicken Tiki Marsala with white rice, Nann, and some Vegetable Corma.  Everything on my plate was steaming hot and smelled delicious.  I started with the small Vegetable Corma.  It was slightly crunchy with deliecious vegetables and potatoes inside.  The Chicken Tiki Marsala has a creamy tomato sauce over bonelss chicken with white rice–it is hands down the best tasting bit of my life.  I couldn’t contain myself from going back up for more.

The rest of the menu contains itmes I would not try such as goat cheese or broiled lamb, but for the daring folks out there, this restaurant is for you.  Ryan Reed, a daring food lover claimed, “Pintus is my favoirte restaurant for creative dishesa ndfilling meals.”

Grayce Juan, someone who typicially doesnt’ enjoy spicy foods explained, “Spicy foods are not the only items on the menu and the ambiance is perfect.”

If you’re truly searching for a new restaurant and aren’t afriad to try something new, Pintus will never leave you dissatisfied.  They have fair prices, cultural devorations and the best Indian food in this area.