Gymnastics Ends 10 year Run

Rachel Altman, Staff Writer

Westfield High School Gymnastics team had been on a straight winning streak for 10 years, until the 2017 Western Mass championship. It was heartbreaking for WHS when their names weren’t called for the win, after all the hard work they put in through the years, it was all gone.

     The Westfield gymnastics team has been the team to beat for a decade, seemingly unstoppable in every meet. The teammates were always a good sport and they had to be when it came the day when they didn’t win. For the first time in 10 years they had not taken home first place, and it came as a shock, but nothing they couldn’t handle.

    “We knew it could happen,” Westfield coach Beth Liquori said. “We went in and did what we could. It was a lot of stress and pressure on the kids, and I think they felt that. But I’m really happy for Minnechaug. They’ve been neck and neck with us for so many years. They were the better team,” said Liquori.

       Westfield knew it was a good possible chance that Minnechaug could beat them this time, they had been very close in talent for so long, and this time Westfield wasn’t on their “A” game.

        It came as a huge shock to everyone when they came back to school and the news got out. Everyone couldn’t believe the news but also knew it was bound to happen someday. The Westfield Gymnastics team was depressed but didn’t let that stop them, next year is a new year for them to come back and get their reining title back, and win the Western Mass Championship in 2018.

Senior Grayce Juan said, “I was so surprised when they lost, I think everyone was because of how long they’ve kept this winning streak alive. I’m sure it was really sad for them but they can bring it back.”

The Westfield High School Gymnastics team has been the team to beat for very long and even with bumps in the road they still manage to be the best they can be.