New Netflix Original Executes the Perfect Romance

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved”

Hailey Beman, Staff Writer

“This is your opportunity to finally branch out and do something new,” offers up Margot Covey (Janel Parish). “That’s what I am afraid of,” replies Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor). In the new teenage romantic comedy, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved”, Susan Johnson directs a pure romance between Lara Jean a high school outcast, and Peter Kavintsky (Noah Centineo), hot shot lacrosse player. Is this quirky romance similar to many movies in this genre? Yes. Yet do we still indulge in this love and rewatch it again and again? Yes.

Covey is afraid of confrontation. She resorts to reading about romance and crafting love letters to the most intense crushes in her life, with no intent of sending them.   When Covey’s world is thrown upside down by her sister Kitty, dream boy Kavintsky enters, a recipient of the letters. They begin “fake dating” in order to make others jealous. However, the audience quickly realizes true love is inevitable between these two caring individuals.  Will they ever tell each other how they feel? You must watch this innocent and sweet romance to find out for yourself.

The light-hearted story based off Jenny Han’s novel is a quirky yet exciting romance young teens long and search for. Emmy Rix, a 17 year old teenager from Westfield has viewed the movie three times.  When describing her favorite scene of the movie Rix comments, “I want a boy to put a hand in my back pocket. It’s so sweet. I want that in my life.”

Romantic comedies are hard to accomplish as there are so many well done. Susan Johnson effectively brings Han’s novel to life through deliberate choices. The scenery in school, a diner, parties, and field trips truly highlights Peter and Lara Jean’s typical high school relationship. Johnson’s choice of Lana Condor, a Korean American portraying the lead, Lara Jean, was a refreshing change to the romantic comedy scene.  Also Noah Centineo, worshipped by teens after his role as Jesus Foster in the series “The Fosters”, upholds his popularity as a crush-worthy actor. Finally the soundtrack captures the theme of Covey breaking free and taking risks in her love and social life.

  Social media is playing a major role in increasing the ratings and popularity of the movie. Condor’s and Centineo’s chemistry is recorded and reminded through social media constantly. Emmy Rix comments on the fluctuation of content revolving around the movie. She states it makes you feel as though the relationship in the movie is real and attainable. “It is cute,” says Rix and  rest assured, you will fall in love with Centineo and Condor on and off the screen.