Graphic Designer Creates Clothing Line


Hailey Beman

Hand painted cornhole boards by Jacob Beman.

Hailey Beman, Staff Writer

Jacob Beman, a Westfield resident, has combined his love for art into his very own business.  As a recent grad from Providence College he has temporarily returned to his hometown where he fell back in love with graphic design.  Despite his degree in Finance, Beman spent the summer designing and building his very own company, Hunu Apparel.

Hunu Apparel stands for Head Up Next Up, a phrase Beman created himself.  “The purpose of Hunu Apparel is to support the next generation of young creatives in the world willing to hustle with their heads up,” explains Beman.

On August 31, Hunu launched online available for purchase. Prices range from $25-30 including hats, socks, t- shirts, and sweatshirts.

Through marketing techniques such as social media ads and word of mouth, Beman’s new company gained immediate attention.  Since his launch Beman has received over 35 orders from people ages 5-75 years. The company has a wide range of customers and appeals to the individual rather than a certain target market.

Hunu’s top seller is a white t-shirt with a spaceman graphic designed by Beman using Adobe Illustrator. The next best seller is a t-shirt titled “Humble Hustle.”  Beman comments, “Humble Hustle is the idea that launched my whole company. To be successful you must work hard and be humble in your reward.”

In the beginning of the process Beman created a 30-day design challenge. For a month he designed a new t-shirt every day with creative logos for men and woman. Using innovative coloring and fonts, Beman designed t-shirts with nicknames such as Blondie, Brodie, and Broski.

Hunu designs also include relatable catch phrases. Beman explains, “I want people to talk and relate to my brand. I don’t want Hunu to be just an apparel company.

Karina Popoli Sarat, a Westfield High School student, ordered a shirt for her mother, a personal trainer, she would relate and connect with. The classic grey v-neck t-shirt purchased was accompanied by the catchphrase “Wake up, kick ass, and repeat.” Sarat said, “I was immediately drawn to this shirt. It embodies my mom exactly.”

Last week Beman launched a new fall line including new designs and sweatshirts for the upcoming winter season. He expects Christmas to be a busy season for Hunu Apparel and a lot of orders. Beman states, “My product may be more expensive than a plain t-shirt, but you aren’t only paying for the quality of the shirt but for the individuality and creativity put into every design.”

As an entrepreneur, Beman has plans to document his products and grow as a company. On November 10 he is hosting a cornhole tournament as a promotional event.  Beman designed cornhole boards with the Hunu logo and will be selling apparel at the event in an effort to create more content.