Senior Year: Going Through the Motions

Megan Heath, Staff Writer

Senior year is a big year. Here at Westfield High School, many seniors are starting to take the big steps into the big world. They are taking on the nerve-wracking task of applying to college and the stress of writing college essays, getting recommendation letters, and filling out scholarships. The class of 2019 is also participating in all the exciting parts of their senior year: dances, sports, and other planned activities.

There are many scholarship opportunities. They are announced everyday over the intercom and can be found in the guidance office. Mrs. Wingate in guidance is the person to go to if you are looking for appropriate scholarships. Guidance is also where you can find the information for teacher recommendation letters, dates for the SAT or ACT, and transcript requests.

When Senior Ashelyn Baron was asked what advice she would give to the junior class for their senior year she responded, “Fill out Common App as soon as you can.”

Thankfully, the school counselors who are there to guide the students along the way to complete their college application journey. The entire class of 2019 is linked on Google classroom to get notifications of senior reminders such as SAT and ACT deadlines, and articles to help write the best college essay.

This wouldn’t be possible without the help from the class advisors Ms. Healy and Mrs. Stopa, and many amazing teachers willing to help out the students when they need it. They help revise and write college essays with students who are struggling and put in an immense amount of effort to get in their recommendations. Without the help from faculty members the process wouldn’t be possible for some students. Baron confirmed these struggles, “Senior year is what I expected, but a little more stressful than anticipated.”

Along with the stressors  of senior year come the fun activities they all have been waiting for these past three years: Spaghetti Supper, Senior Luau, Semi, and Prom. Currently, the excitement for the Masquerade grew as it approached Saturday, October 27. Seniors submitted a picture to the 2019 Senior Masquerade Instagram account via DM’s so that they could avoid repeat costumes.

Baron stated, “I’m most excited for the Luau and Prom.” Many accounts are made like these for updates of class activities and events.

As for sports, this is the last year for the class of 2019 to participate in their high school games or meets. Many senior nights are held, such as the girls volleyball Senior Night on October 23. The teams make posters, decorate, and buy gifts for their seniors. Also on the day of the game, the underclassmen dress up in crazy outfits that the seniors have chosen. At Senior Night many parents come with other family members and friends to celebrate such a memorable time.

Another activity was the annual Powder Puff. The girls senior and junior class participate in a friendly game of football. Along with this is Hall Wars, where both grades decorate one half of the hall and complete to see who did a better job. 

Senior deadlines for their senior picture in the yearbook is on November 15 and the senior quote deadline is November 2.

June 7 is the set graduation date for this year’s class of 2019. As usual the goal is to have the ceremony outside on Bullens Field, but there is always a chance of bad weather. In this case then it will be help inside in the WHS gym. If this happens then the limit is four family members per graduate who are allowed to attend due to seating.