WHS Gymnasts Earn Awards


Morgan Thayer, Staff Writer

On November 10, 2018,the Westfield High School gymnastics team had their 2018 MIAA Western Mass championship. Although Minnechaug beat WHS by .25 points, Westfield had some other great accomplishments. By earning the Sportsmanship Award, Miranda Wozniak winning the 2018 Senior Gymnast Award, and Sophomore Kylie Liptak coming in first place for the All-Around Award Westfield High gymnasts believe that it was a win in their book.

The Sportsmanship Award is voted on by all the MIAA judges, every school’s coaches and MIAA officials. It’s a huge honor. Head coach of Westfield Bethany Liquori and assistant coach Rachel Midwood told their team, “Even though we didn’t take home the first place, you all are first place to me and the Sportsmanship Award is more important to me than how you perform on the events.”

The team knows how important this award is to both of their coaches. Junior Kristen Lally said, “I wasn’t upset we came in second because being positive towards all the other teams is way more important than coming in first place.”

The Senior Gymnast award is based on a lot of things such as personality, character, volunteer work, and grades. This is not just based on gymnastics and how athletes perform at a meet. Miranda Wozniak is a kind and hardworking young woman. Winning this award was a huge accomplishment to her because of how many students are nominated for this title. Her family and of course the team are proud of her.

Liquori said, “Miranda has so many great qualities, and when she won this award I was over the moon!”

So many great gymnasts are nominated for this award it is an honor, as coaches, teammates and other schools teams believe that a particular athlete is worthy of this title, the 2018 Senior Gymnast of Western Mass.

Kylie Liptak, a sophomore at WHS is a star on the team. She is a strong and powerful gymnast who has worked hard all season. With her double back dismount off bars, and a full twist on the floor Liptak is unstoppable.

Liquori said, “I think Kylie’s bar routine is one of the best we have ever had.”

Liptak was surprised when she came in first place all around at the 2018 Western Mass Championships considering all the other great gymnasts from other schools.

Coming in first is always an achievement, but the WHS team has come to realize having good character, confidence and of course having fun, matters more than a first place trophy and that is an even bigger accomplishment for the Westfield High School Gymnastics team.