Tottenham Steps Toward Qualification for the UEFA League Championship

Tilo Gurung, Staff Writer

Tottenham Hotspur F.C. is a professional football (soccer) club from Tottenham, England. On December 11, 2018, Tottenham played against FC Barcelona in their home stadium, in Barcelona, Spain. This match determine if Tottenham would take a step closer to the champion’s league.

In the Union of European Football Associations’ Champion’s League tournament, 32 football clubs were qualified. They were separated into eight groups of four. Whoever had most points and wins from each group would go to the playoffs to qualify for the round of sixteen or directly to the sixteenths. Following the sixteenth round is the eighth round, afterwards the fourth round and then the final round.

Barcelona had already been qualified for the round of sixteenths, they had 14 points. They had the most points compared to the other teams from their group. Tottenham had eight, Internazionale had eight and Philips Sport Vereniging had two points. Only two teams are allowed to go to  the next stage of the league.

When the two team played, Tottenham struggled against Barça because Barça is one of the top three best soccer teams. In the first half, Ousmane Dembele scored a solo-run seven minutes before the halftime. Barça was controlling the game even though Dele Alli, Lucas Moura, and Harry Kane from Tottenham had many chances to score. Barça did not play the starting eleven. The first half end with 1-0 Barça

Roshan Biswa, a Westfield High senior said, “This game was important for Barça and players that do not play regularly on their games, played and got their time to shine.”

When the second half started Tottenham was pushing forward, giving Barca no changes to have the ball. Barca also did not giving up. The Tottenham fans were getting frustrated but Lucas Moura scored a goal in the remaining five minutes seeing the come back they were filled with joy and excitement. The final score was 1-1.    

“Tottenham did a tremendous job, they were goal down but did not lose their hope,” said Roshan Biswa.

Bhupan Sanyasi also a WHS senior who is a devoted Barcelona fan stated, “Although it was a draw I thought Barcelona played better considering they benched their key players like Messi for most of the game. Luis Suarez wasn’t even on the bench, Malcom Filipe Silva de Oliveira and Ter Stegen also didn’t play.”