Westfield High Provides Scholarship Opportunities


Westfield HighSenior Jack Hogan, takes advantage of scholarship opportunity.

Hailey Beman, Staff Writer

The cost of a college education is not cheap. Many households, despite their class and wealth, struggle to pay for a common tuition to a state college or university. In an effort to provide some financial help, Westfield High School has over 35 scholarship opportunities for Juniors and Seniors.

“Each scholarship can be found online or picked up in the guidance office with detailed directions on how to apply. I strongly encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity and apply for as many scholarships as possible,” explains Lori Wingate, the Westfield High School guidance secretary.

The guidance counselors at Westfield also provide the resources to a scholarship application program called goingmerry.com. It is inspired by the Common App organization and uses your individual profile to connect students with potential opportunities.  Goingmerry is an efficient and simple site to help students apply and be awarded money towards their future education.

Other scholarships include the Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship fund, the Filenes music scholarship, Big Y scholarship, Berkshire Bank scholarship, select university scholarships, and many more.

Principal Jendrysk states, “Their are potential scholarships for all types of students ranging from science and math, to the liberal arts, and dedicated students willing to work for their education.  It truly is a great resource we offer to our students.”

Scholarships awards range from $1,000 to $25,000 over one to four academic years.  However despite the award, “Any amount of money is crucial to assisting in the cost of a college tuition,” states Leanne Cloutier, parent to a Westfield High senior.

Over the past few years, over half of the scholarships have expired without any students applying to them. Westfield High Administration constantly reminds students daily of the scholarship opportunities and wish more individuals would take advantage of the financial aid provided.

“The path and cost to college may seem impossible, but with the assistance and resources provided by Westfield High could make it that much more attainable,” states Wingate.