Circuit Coffee–a Little Nook of Warm and Welcoming

Leah Howard, Staff Writer

In downtown Westfield, squeezed among the array of old, pre-existing small businesses, lies a fresh and new addition to Westfield, a perfect spot for teens and young adults. Circuit Coffee is different from the rest, and something that Westfield has not seen before, other than the nearest chain coffee shops, like Dunkin’ or Starbucks. It is, rather, a little nook on the corner of School Street, selling coffee, tea, pastries, lattes, and even grilled cheese.

While these items are served at Dunkin’ or Starbucks, there are strong differences between these chains, and this independent business. The staff at Circuit Coffee is warm and welcome. It is an independent family business, and the service goes above and beyond in order to impress and cater to the customer.

Customers are free to sit on the couches and converse while sipping a warm drink, or get work done by using Circuit’s free wifi. With the rustic painted ceilings, the industrial tables and chairs, and the mural outside of the restaurant, the calming atmosphere of Circuit is unmatched by any other place in Westfield, especially those for coffee.

Circuit happens to be a huge attraction for college and high school students, namely Westfield State University students. They are free to chat with friends, grab a quick pick-me-up and take it to-go, or independently work on numerous assignments and ventures.

Circuit continues to add more and more to their menu, and they have not disappointed yet. Starting with merely lattes, hot cocoas, coffees, and cappuccinos, they have recently added the coconut lemonade, which is proving to be a refreshing addition for Circuit’s coffee addicts. For food, they originally offered warm toasty cinnamon buns, chocolate croissants, and muffins. Since opening, they have expanded their menu to cookie dough balls, breakfast sandwiches, and grilled cheese sandwiches. They are pricier than Dunkin’, but just about as pricey as Starbucks, so the menu is still affordable for the normal high school or college student with no more than a part time job.

Abby Cervonayco, a Westfield High student enjoys the shop so much because of the “…inviting atmosphere, the friendly staff, and because it is a great way to support small businesses in the Westfield area.”

I felt at home at Circuit from the moment I walked in the door, ordered myself a hot chocolate, and sat down with a book in my hand. The staff is ready and willing to serve you with a smile on their faces. It is a place that can work for you no matter what your mood is, whether you wish to be independent and work, or socialize with others. It is a bustling Westfield attraction, just as it should be. The food is wonderful, the drinks carefully made, and the overall feeling is homey and as sweet and warm as hot chocolate.