“The Haunting of Hill House” is Netflix Binge-Worthy

Brooke Frisbie, Staff Writer

The Haunting Of Hill House

Parallels between childhood traumas and future life paths make themselves known throughout The Haunting Of Hill House. The Crain family buys a house and moves in for the summer to renovate it to sell later on. There are 5 children within the house, Steve (Michiel Huisman: “The Age of Adaline”, “Game Of Thrones”) (Paxton Singleton: “Chicago Med”), the oldest, then Shirley (Elizabeth Reaser: “The Twilight Saga”, “Sweet Land” ) (Lulu Wilson: “Annabelle: Creation”, “Ouija: Origin Of Evil”), Theo (Kate Siegel: “Hush”, “Oculus”) (McKenna Grace: “Crash And Bernstein”,

 “The Young And The Restless”), and the twins, Luke (Oliver Jackson-Cohen: “Emerald City”, “Faster”) (Julian Hilliard: “Greener Grass”, “Never Goin’ Back”) and Nell (Victoria Pedretti: “You”, “Once upon A Time In Hollywood”) (Violet McGraw: “Ready Player One”). As their stay grows longer their parents find themselves constantly consoling their children after alleged encounters with strange noises, things moving by themselves, and even strangers in the house. In their adult lives, the children find their pasts catching up to them and returning to the house they had abandoned years prior.

The story line is commendable, based on a book written by Shirley Jackson, and adapted as a Netflix Original. The plot twists and turns will keep you saying “just one more episode” for hours on end. Although it has the feel of a third party show, with less hello there budget than a big name television network, the acting and storyline made up for it all.

The program creator, Mike Flanagan, also directed Ouija: Origin of Evil, Hush, and Oculus, has been working in the horror genre for quite a while. This show adds to his repertoire and creates a horror show that’s not too scary for younger audiences, but will still make you sleep with the lights on for a night to two.

Google reviewer Shaun Porter wrote, “ This is a well crafted show with great classic scares. The characters make you want to delve deeper into them in both their present and past versions respectively.” The ghosts are well made and the effects are believable. Jourdan Frisbie, Westfield State University student says “This show is the best thing on Netflix!”

         I would definitely recommend this show to a friend as a weekend binge, as it’s fairly short and extremely entertaining. 5/5 stars all around.