A Change of Scenery

Jaelyn Towle, Staff Writer

How would you feel if your traditional, comfortable home field wasn’t yours anymore? This is a question to ask the boys and girls lacrosse team at Westfield High School. The sports teams are relocating to nearby Roots Athletic Center turf field.

At Westfield High School, the practice and game fields are destroyed from rain and competitive use each year. Westfield’s home field has always been low in ranking but the school teams here are high in performance and make the field worth playing on. Fierce competition pulled other schools to our home field. Last year and many years before, tryouts have been happening on the black top of Westfield High School’s front parking lot. Lots of injuries happened there from cut up knees to broken ankles. Many of the girls disliked this spot for tryouts as well. There are many reasons why we needed a new field.

Westfield’s competitors are all local schools. The majority of these schools have new fields altogether. Some students believe turf is the right answer for our school. “Every school has turf except us. I get it, it’s expensive, but our school deserves turf. People have gotten hurt on pavement. We deserve our fields to be ready”, one angry lacrosse player comments. When Westfield teams travel to other fields, they are extraordinarily grateful for turf. Turf field really lets players demonstrate their speed.

Some may say turf is bad for you because of shin splints and other injuries. Researchers have proved that is correct. In fact, the injury rate on artificial grass (turf) is higher than those on real grass. Why is this? The friction between the shoe and the turf is greater than on grass. Turf is also a harder surface so when you come down it hurts a lot more. A member of the girl’s lacrosse team remarked, “This field is much nicer than our old home field, but we will definitely miss the tradition of being at our own field”.

 Westfield teams have been coping well with the big change that they all went through at the beginning of the season. Westfield’s lacrosse teams have adapted well to playing at a different location, which is the Roots Athletic Center turf fields.  Getting changed in the locker room and walking out to the field is a tradition Westfield students are use to. Now that the season has a new home field, many of the athletes are looking for new traditions to begin. However, the girls and boys have been adapting well to the changes.

       Coach Fenwick, the head coach of girls lacrosse says, “It is what it is.” He does not have much to say negative about the new change. Fenwick and his team have an outstanding start to the season, dominating their first game over Northampton winning 15-5.