Westfield Sweeps Noho

Jordan Towle, Staff Writer

April 5th was a special day for the Westfield High School girls lacrosse team. It was game day, it was the first game of the season. It was a home game at Roots sports complex against Northampton and Westfield won 12-5. In the first half Westfield was up by 8 points and Northampton had 1. This was Westfield’s first game and was Northampton’s second game. Northampton played Amherst on April 1st and lost 5-8.

Lots of players scored like Kylie Buchanan, Emma Metfalf, Jaelyn Towle, Olivia Hadla and others. Goals were easy for Westfield and very repetitive. Liz Clark, Westfield’s goalie, did an awesome job of saving all shots that were taken on her. Kylie’s first goal was a break away, dodging multiple players and scoring perfectly on net. She received the assist from Megan Clark making this the first goal of the game, kicking off the start of the season for the Westfield High School girls lacrosse team. The second goal of the game was taken by Emma Metcalf. After the ball was turned over, Emma scooped it up off the ground and ran around the goal trying to set up a pass. No one was open so Emma took the ball and charged for the net; she shot and scored.

When being asked about how you feel about the first game Jaelyn Towle explained her excitement. She says “Im very excited to see how the team works together and how everything we work for hopefully pays off.” When being asked how do you believe the game went she says “Im very proud of how the team worked together to get the job done. But I definitely believe we were a little rusty and could have been more accurate when it came to passing.”   

The field was difficult due to the water. It was freezing. As you may or may not know the Westfield lacrosse teams have been moved to Roots Sports Center. Roots is an outdoor and indoor sports complex with 5 turf fields. The high school fields are not playable because of the unpleasant conditions of the fields. Now the boys and girls lacrosse teams home field has been relocated to Roots. It is convenient because it is about a 5 min drive from the high school. Another positive attribute to the field is that our fans, who are usually parents, do not have to walk that far to get to the field. Unlike WHS it is a pretty far walk to see the team play on the field.

Westfield will be taking the field next on Tuesday April 9th at 7pm at East Longmeadow High School under the lights. North Hampton will be taking the Field at Granby Jr/Sr High School on April 8th at 4pm.