How ‘Bout a Beer, Chief?

Leah Howard, Staff Writer

It’s a funny thing how Netflix can turn old shows that your parents used to watch famous again. We’ve seen it a few times, as Netflix has brought shows such as Friends, Freaks and Geeks, Fraiser, The Twilight Zone, and even The Office to its platform. These shows have once again become household names, sometimes even more famous than the times in which they were released. One show that stands out from the others, however, is the hit 1980s sitcom Cheers.

Cheers ran on NBC from September 30, 1982, to May 20, 1993, with a total of 275 half-hour episodes for eleven seasons. It follows the simple story of an ex-pitcher for the Boston Red Sox named Sam Malone who opens up a bar in south Boston. The bar attracts many quirky customers, like mailman Cliff Clavin and accountant and beer-lover Norm Peterson. Cheers also employs a crazy bunch including single, wisecracking, and very fertile mother, Carla Tortelli, Ernie “Coach” Pantuso, Sam’s retired baseball coach whose heart is bigger than his brain, and Diane Chambers, who is the brains of the bunch and whomst Sam finds himself in an on again and off again relationship with.

The great thing about Cheers is its lasting humor. The jokes are so good that a laugh track is simply not even necessary, and they are timeless for viewers. A new viewer can watch the show once and know exactly what is going on and understand every character’s story, and once it has been watched, the viewer is enticed to come back for more. They can start at any season, any episode, anytime, simply because the humor and storyline world on so many levels.

It can be argued that the 80s nostalgia of the last few years is what has brought the show back and is what has made it so monstrously popular. Teens and millennials of today love to bring fashion and trends back from years ago. Teens that are obsessed with the fashions of the 80s will get their fair share of these looks if they watch the show. They realize that their parents grew up on these TV shows, and they often want to try them for themselves and see how they may like them. Netflix knows that bringing back these shows works because it appeals to so many demographics, and Cheers is really no different at all. It brings generations together, and has had a lasting impact on the industry.