Nutrition First

Noah Czepiel, Staff Writer

Health and fitness are new trends raging throughout the US. It’s taken over a lot of people’s lifestyles including how they eat, spend their freetime, and their workout routines. Little restaurants have opened up around to support this ongoing national trend. One of them being Nutrition First. Nutrition First is a shop in Agawam that sells tea and milkshakes.

These aren’t your average teas and milkshakes, though; they are designed to be a healthier version. The teas are filled with energy boosters (caffeine) that will keep you up and running all day. They are perfect for an early morning pick-me-up. There are three different levels of caffeine to fit everyone’s needs and an option to go without the caffeine. There is a large variety of flavors for the teas focusing mainly on berry and citrus flavors. The milkshakes are a protein based shake, perfect to fill you up. There are countless flavors and combinations you can create for your shaking making there be a flavor for everyone.

I went to Nutrition First with a few of my friends not too long ago and got the “Captain America” tea and the “White Chocolate Reeses” milkshake. The tea was amazing and gave a huge energy rush. The milkshake was decent, but had a strong taste of protein powder. When asked, WHS Senior Faith Blondin said the tea was “…so good, dude.”

WHS Senior Brooke Frisbie’s take on the tea was “…the tea tasted good, and the caffeine worked wonders.”

After attending and trying what Nutrition First has to offer, I’d give it 3.5/5 stars. The teas were great and a good substitute to something like coffee but the milkshakes were not what i was expecting from them. I would recommend giving this place atry of you are into teas or high protein shakes.