Last Run

Jaelyn Towle, Staff Writer

Last Run

25 days left of high school, of commitment, dedication to sports and academics. The beloved seniors who have held down the fort of Westfield High School for the past four years, are now leaving their nest. “Who are our inspirations?” the underclassmen question. Most students looks up at this graduating class as their inspiration After everything they’ve gone through, whether it was finding themselves or helping others, they have made such an amazing impact on not just the students here but the school in a whole.

Aiden Chisholm? When that name goes through your head, does it resemble anything? Aiden is a senior here at Westfield High, he’s the runner of e-board and a big part of Student Council as well as National Honor Society. He represents the program of Student Council (StuCo) alone. All four years of high school Aiden has always been the present or on the board.

He says,“Student Council has been a constant of the past four years of my life, reliably hosting an environment for my true self; as I leave WHS instead of thinking about this missing hole it makes me happier to know it will impact someone as it did to me.”

For the past four years, the leaders of STUCO were Chisholm and other upperclassmen who have since graduated but Aiden ran the show. Aiden took the reins and led us through the whole four years. He is StuCo. Now Underclassman question what is StuCo going to be without Aiden? Who will lead? What will it be like? Everyone figures that the juniors are going to step up, they will but juniors are afraid they can’t fill the shoes, they are just much too large.

Juniors now have to be the inspiration. Jordan Towle, a WHS junior states, “Since Aiden is not here it will make us want to be the inspiration that much more to make him proud and to show everyone what he has taught us in the past.”

Juniors have a big job to carry around with them. Will they do it as well as the upperclassman now? Every year the undergrads always are expected to be the up coming inspirations but not specifically for these past years. These past years everyone has looked up to this current graduating class. Many things make this class stand out: top athletes, friendliness, and the bond that all of them share is just outstanding. What every class coming forward looks to have. Most seniors are our friends and some we can consider family. This will be a drastic loss for Westfield High School.

Many thoughts going through the seniors’ heads at this point of the year, many experiencing high levels of senioritis (laziness and effort not put into trying). Most of the seniors are excited to be moving onto bigger and better things but many will miss Westfield High School. Most importantly Westfield High School will miss them more. The great determination they have will really set them on a perfect path for success. The mark they have made on Westfield high school will never be forgotten, just an accomplishment on the pathway of success. The seniors will truly be missed but their skill will be passed on to each and every underclassman. We thank you for carving a path here at Westfield High for us, for always being there and having someone to look up to, for being leaders as well as making us one, teaching us the ways of life.

Thank you and good luck with everything in the future!