Smooth Sailing… Except for Denmark Travelers   

Jordan Towle, Staff Writer

April vacation was one for the books for many. Westfield High School offered three trips to multiple countries that any student from Westfield High school could go on. It was said to be the “trip of a lifetime”. Three destinations students could have chosen were Spain, England, and Denmark. I personally chose to go to Denmark.

There were flight complications for the Denmark students. Their flight was pronounced canceled because of high winds about two hours before boarding time. The students were scrambling around frantically wondering if this was going to ruin their trip. The airline, Icelandair, ended up paying for all the students to stay in a Courtyard Marriott for the night. The students still had hope when told that they could leave the next day at the same time. The students got to spend the day in Boston and walk around.

The flight left at 9pm the next day and was around four and a half hours until they landed in Iceland. Students waited patiently at the baggage claim but… there was no luggage. Students heard the teachers yell “RUN” as they grabbed their things and started sprinting through the airport. Everyone was confused and did not have a clue of what was going on. The announcement was later told that all of the luggage was sent straight to Denmark and the only flight from Iceland to Denmark for a week was leaving right this minute. Students were upset because they did not got to spend the day in Iceland and see the Blue Lagoon. As the students boarded the plane they got angry aggressive stares from the patient passengers. The flight was an hour and a half late. Everyone ended up boarding and happily landing in Denmark.

As for England there were no complications in their flights. England students had a connecting flight in Detroit and from there, flew to England which took around seven hours. England had a smooth trip and nothing went wrong during their trip. It was most easy for them to travel out of all the trips because they had the least amount of people. Three students attended the trip to England making activity planning much easier. They took taxis and shared buses with other school trips. A student that went to England said “I loved Bath the most because of the historical monuments and just how gorgeous everything was”.   

As for Spain it was not so easy. There were 31 students that attended the trip making it harder to plan flights and events because of the large amount of students. They were extremely organized because they used a travel agency to coordinate their activities. They traveled  through with no complications along the way. A student from Spain said “ The weather was so amazing along with all the gorgeous sights, I also loved the hotel it was perfect”.

April vacation will never be forgotten. Me along with many students cried when we got back to Westfield concluding our April vacation. Students that do not travel often, I highly recommend going on this trip because it is so much fun. You will have an amazing time seeing all the beautiful monuments and getting to know so many great people. Whichever trip you choose you will have a great time.